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Who has never wanted to make a living from bodybuilding? Maintaining your body and making money at the same time? This makes many dream and thanks to social networks (or because …) many embarks on the adventure. You can imagine that there is no magic recipe!

One thing is certain: you will have to stand out in the fauna of the fitgame and for that you will have to make a lot of sacrifices and effort, without being sure to succeed elsewhere. In addition, if you are an athlete, depending on your discipline, there will also be more or less funding. But as in any business, you have to think carefully about your product (your image) and have a real strategy otherwise everything would be much simpler. Bodybuilding is not a special case, Tibo InShape, like it or not, is a good example because it has succeeded in fitgamous, comes out of a business school – I think it helps him in his strategies – and his success is affected.

In this article, we're not going to make you succeed or break through for sure, but we'll give you rules and tricks – especially common sense for that matter – to put your foot in the stirrup and thus live from bodybuilding. To begin with, you have to be a known minimum, there are different ways for this, networks, competitions and trade shows.


With the advent of networks, it has become easy to share videos, photos or articles. In our article "To make ourselves known on networks", we detailed what we believe to be the basis for success on networks. There are also items to stand out in the part 1 and part 2 fitgame that will give you the keys you need for your understanding of the game. Once your account has been recognized with several thousand followers, either one or more brands will come, you will have contact them or you will go through a contact agency.

Networks are powerful communication media.


It also differentiates sponsorship from partnership. This is often in the form of a personalized promo code. The athlete brings his visibility to the brand. Various benefits are to be reaped, in kind or in cash. It is up to you to think about the value of this practice.

The salons

Some do not hesitate to approach the marks directly in the salons or even to walk shirtless in the aisles in the hope of being noticed, it is necessary to have, then, a shape without flawless. We do not know the outcome rate of this solution, but at the next show, we will ask the question to a few brand managers present.

On the other hand, it is good to go to the salons to make contacts. Don't hesitate to ask questions and ask for the names of the people in charge of recruitment. You have to know how to sell yourself and with the networks, people will be able to get a clear idea of your potential.

Of course, trade shows are also conducive to creating content for your networks.

Body Fitness Paris
Body Fitness Paris


As detailed in the article on Hamid's sponsorship, a request for sponsors is not made lightly. You really have to compare it to a job offer and not take it over the leg. The subject being covered in the article above, I would not expand, but it remains a good way to live from bodybuilding. You can find them in competitions and trade shows, if you have a good number of followers, some agencies can put you in touch. On the other hand, if you are not very well known, don't expect crazy sums.


Depending on the discipline, there will be more or less gains in competitions, sports of strength are sports to be made out of passion especially in France because the competitions in France are not very lucrative, unlike some international competitions with the biggest gain in bodybuilding. You can find the winnings in some of the results articles of the competitions we share.

In addition to the financial gains, the competitions are also the time to create contacts, in fact there are, as in the salons, many professionals from this field and can lead to sponsorship. Not to mention that it feeds your content on networks.

Top 5 Bodybuilding Mr Olympia 2019
Top 5 Bodybuilding Mr Olympia 2019


Being a sports coach is not improvised, you have to be a graduate to apply for this position (An article is being written on it) on the other hand the text is very vague for distance coaching. At Fitness Nations, we are in a sports/health approach, so we advise you to pass a diploma and do training afterwards, because these are the basics that will make you a good coach or trainer, in fact, a coach poorly or little (see not at all) trained can be devastating on the physical of his client. A good coach will learn about the pathologies of his clients. But once you graduate, it's a great way to make money from bodybuilding. Nassim Sahili, for example, managed to set up a room only for these coachings.

Coaching for bodybuilding
Coaching for bodybuilding


Some influencers create brands (clothes, supplements, etc.) write books, monetize personalized videos. Ideas, once validated, need to be worked on. You will understand that it is not with 1000 or 10000 followers that you will make a fortune.

Tibo Inshape at an online store and is a good example for successful lying on bodybuilding
Tibo Inshape at an online store and offers many derivatives


Even following all the advice of this article, it is not said that you can live from this sport, especially in France where earnings are often low. Many athletes also export themselves but how many really succeed…

Force to you and see you soon.

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