Making yourself known on social networks

Réussir sur les réseaux

With the advent of networks, it has become easy to share videos, photos or articles… Our Fitness Nations association is present on top with groups and Facebook pages as well as an Instagram and Twitter account. We find that many go ahead without having concrete ideas or even technical or scientific backgrounds.

You will tell me that it is not necessary to have a lot of luggage to make motivational videos for example. But if it were enough to be muscular or cute to succeed on the networks, the members of the Fitness Nations office would be global stars (do I need to clarify that it's humor? Let's go on…). For a motivational video, poorly executed movements will discredit you and put you under fire for negative comments. Something that is likely to happen even if you do everything for the best. Between haters and trolls you may eat quite a few. Answering them or not will depend on your temperament.

Networks are a great way to make yourself known and hope to live from bodybuilding, but you still need to know your subject more than a minimum.

how to succeed on social networks
social networks

Which network to choose

It's up to you to choose the network or networks that are best for you. The best known will often be the most profitable. It is a matter of hearing, the more people there are, the more money there is, it is obvious. Whether you're on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter or even VK the Russian Facebook, don't lose in mind that the more you're tracking the more monetizable you are.

Networks are powerful communication media. let's see how to succeed on the networks.
Networks are powerful communication media.

Also consider making custom content to networks. Instagram in a well-known square format, Facebook can take any format and the portrait format of smartphones lends very well. It's up to you to juggle or not for that matter.

The material

For the image: do not ruin yourself in expensive pro material, the format of the networks is not cinema! An HD device or newer phones are more than enough to succeed on networks. If you can afford to be up to date on smartphones, why not, but 2 generations late (see 3) will not penalize.

Choosing the camera is the first question you're going to ask yourself. It will come from your goal and your finan
ces. Compact devices are easy to use and suitable for vlog production.
DSLRs have better rendering but are more complicated and are more expensi
ve. Smartphones you use them all the time, you have them on you throughout the day, the newer devices are of very good quality.
This video explains much better than me

Think about investing in sound and light. The quality of your content will greatly improve. For these positions, often neglected, are nevertheless paramount. Viewers can be lenient on a few defects, a poor quality sound coupled with bad light – which will give a poor quality rendering – will make them scare away your videos.

You can find devices on Amazon for example: Came
ra compact Camera
Camera SLR camera

The YouTube Academy offers tips and tuto on lighting and other aspects of YouTube videos.


Regarding the necessary software, if you only take pictures,then Photoshop, Lightroom or various free photo editing software are available like Gimp or Pixlr.

If you turn to video software like First or After Effect. There are also free solutions like iMovie on Mac or the Photos app on Windows (Movie Maker is no longer available).

The hardware needed to succeed on networks
Don't ruin yourself in buying a pro camera

The theme

It will depend on your knowledge and motivations. It is certain that scientific channels have less audience than. It is true that scientists also have a problem with communication and fitness. To succeed on networks you have to stay playful and share your knowledge. Some have succeeded on the networks thanks to clashes, like Jean-Onche or Marvel Fitness. This pleases the public and makes buzzer, this option is to do with your information and your level of knowledge. Clearing everything and anything about anyone can send you to court. Jean-Onche has since stopped the clashes and continued these motivational videos and explanations, as well as the bodybuilding competition.

The duration

Short or long, the format of your video will depend on your content and ideas. An athlete will not do the same as a coach or information page. Fitness Nations, for example, provided content on strength sports, such as the results of Mr Olympia, the Eric Favre case or the demystification of creatine for example (and yes the internal links are good for the SEO), some photo reports, when we are on the shows and very few videos – being volunteers for the association, it takes too long in addition to our "civil" work – so we prefer a short format. But we are interested in some podcasts that often lasts 1 hour, see more. If you say interesting and/or innovative things then you will be followed and listened to.

Post production

You tell yourself that a Youtuber made a video with cuts and zoom effects and that he makes millions of views? Good for him! Do you think it's simple? The final rendering is simple, not the production! But it is also true that the simplest recipes are often the most efficient and profitable. Simplicity is not necessarily easy to reproduce. This youtuber has surely worked his recipe to get there. A video of a few minutes can take hours of work, even days, between the idea and the final support as well as sharing on the platforms. Doing something that works already is not such a bad idea. But if you don't have the right technique, you're just going to demonstrate a lack of originality. On the other hand, if you do it better or if you bring added value, then there, you can succeed on the networks.

post-production is a necessary step to succeed on networks
Post production is a necessary step for making your videos

The photo

You will put photos on your networks, this is the basis to succeed on networks unless you go on a video format only. But the photo is much simpler than the video and less time consuming. But beware, the photo is not that simple and it requires good light and a little treatment. Think that you have to do the minimum of touch-ups to make it stand out as well as possible on the networks. You can apply filters, present on social networks, which work very well or in #nofilter.


From a certain number of followers and views, you can monetize your videos, and hope to get compensation.

  • YouTube: From 10,000 views pays between $0.5 and $4.5/1000 views. We do not guarantee the amounts because they vary according to different parameters decided by the platform.
  • Instagram: for a product placement between 100 euros (from 5000 followers) and 100,000 (reserved for millionaires in followers) directly paid by the brand.
  • Twitter and SnapChat: this will be the same principle as for instagram and therefore to negotiate directly with brands. So wait until you have an account full of followers.
Networks, the new modern Eldorado? how to succeed on networks?
Networks, the new modern Eldorado?

Success on networks

To do this build your character, think carefully about your guidelines, write your videos, pay attention to details, light or your posture. But above all do not post quickly, prefer quality to quantity! Once your account has been recognized with several thousand followers, either one or more brands will come, you will have contact them or you will go through a contact agency.

Forbes to share an article on the future of social med
ia. Good luck succeeding on the networks!

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