Multimedia Communication

Today, multimedia and event communication are among the main promotional levers of the main players in sport and nutrition: whether they are stands at exhibitions, visual representation through athletes and Hostesses, or even animations and distribution of "goodies", the competition is fierce to stand out during the events. Demonstration of "snatch" of weightlifting champion Dmitri Klokov at FIBO 2017. /Caption For this reason, a video spot is, whether for your YouTube channel or for a projection on your stand, a first choice tool to put you forward. We are able to carry out your projects:

  • Promotional films
  • interviews
  • Reports
  • Scripted videos
  • etc.

      We also work with a panel of professional artists allowing us to offer you an advanced work in motion design and special effects, original music. These artists work exclusively with Fitness Nations, and will be linked to your brand by contract. Do not hesitate to ask us for any quotation and/or information.