Teamwork is the basis at Fitness Nations: only, we go faster; Together we go further! As an association law 1901, we work with a network of volunteers whose help is valuable, and which we cannot mention in their entirety. We will, however, let the team of Fitness leaders meet individually. Jean-Philippe and Philippe behind the scenes of the Bikini competition at the FIBO 2017 in Cologne (Germany). /Caption

Philippe: The President

After a 9-year military experience, I have reverted to private security in France and internationally. Enrolled in the BTS dietetics remotely, I plan to pursue a curriculum of physiology of sport. Passionate about mountaineering and climbing (I took my first steps in Fontainebleau), I recently practiced weightlifting at the VGA Saint-Maur. of dual French and Spanish nationality, I originally created Fitness Nations in order to propose multilingual and international solutions in terms of sports and nutritional communication.

Jean-Philippe: the Treasurer

In my account since 2006, I am a training graphic designer. Practicing multi-sport (Tae Kwon Do, Jogging and bodybuilding), I started to sell food supplements in 2014. I intend to register for BPJEPS (Haltéro) to follow up on other trainings in the field of bodybuilding. Through my skills, I take care of the website and its referencing, as well as graphics and communication.

Our mediators

Permanently active on social networks, our team of mediators manages both the atmosphere within our newsgroups, the publication and sharing of articles of information and motivation, as well as the realization of projects such as: contests, events, updates… We particularly welcome the work of Carole, Gaetan, Eric, Cédric and Nicolas. Thank you for your involvement!

Talent Search

We are currently in full development, and as such, in constant search of motivated people to make us enjoy their talent: You are bilingual, photographer, motion designer, video technician, sound technician, blogger, coach or Just passionate? Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here, and we will be happy to return to you as soon as possible!