What to eat before a session?


Nutrition, training and recovery are the 3 pillars to have maximum results in any sport and a good diet is essential to be healthy. This is obvious, but many neglect nutrition and recovery by giving everything to the room. But this is the fuel that allows your body to function properly. Like a machine, to operate and therefore train you need an energy source. The most important is produced in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which makes lipid molecules available through lipolysis (or beta-oxidation) only in the presence of oxygen (see link above).

What to eat before training

When to eat before training

To optimize your glycogen stores, a carbohydrate intake will be considered a few hours before your workout (at least three and a half to four hours between your carbohydrate intake and your exercise session).

When to eat before training

Recommended foods

If you can make a meal then chicken or eggs with rice or quinoa, but also avocado, green vegetables or sweet potato.

If you go over on a snack, then a bowl of oats with white cheese and some berries or honey. a banana, a nut mixture or a protein bar (watch out for added sugars) will be good sources of energy.

What to eat before training

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others, of course, but I do not read them yet, if you have ideas of books, I am a taker and if you are publisher, I would like to receive them :-). I will also try to make a constructive critique of these books, in future articles.

Be careful though

If you eat too much or badly, it will stay on your stomach and can be stored in fat. This will not be beneficial for your workouts. Don't forget to stay hydrated, too.

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